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Andrea Daniel

Frank was very informative about all of our options and attentive to my design for our bathroom remodel. He showed up on time every day and was as professional as they get! I’m very pleased with how everything turned out!

Ryan Foster

He was able to fix our water leak in no time. Will definitely use again in the future.

Brandon Barboza

Great work and fair prices. He was able to come fix my sink in no time.

Katelyn Yarletts

Frank was a great help in constructing our new master bath! He was able to give me the bathroom of my dreams in budget!

Jalen Flanner

Had an emergency and they were able to come quickly and fix the issue. Will be using these guys again in the future.

Alexis Terrell

We called Frank to fix our water heater on a Friday evening- he was done Saturday afternoon! We’ve had no problems since!

Rachel Rigsbee

Frank was very professional and knowledgeable. I was really impressed with how quickly he was able to finish! I would recommend Water Heaters Plus to anyone!

Frequently Asked Qeustions

Its terrible to have a Water Heater start leaking and it sometimes can’t be caught in time then cause even more issues.

If in an extreme leaking situation first cut the main water shutoff completely, followed by the shut offs that are located on the heater, second reach out to a pro at Water Heater Plus to come out fix and assess the issue.

If the leak from the heater isn’t an extreme burst you still don’t have long!!! Be mindful a drip can lead to a spray, you could have seconds-days before it turns bad quick. Be VERY mindful of the leak, where it’s located and how bad it is, while in the meantime contacting a pro at water heaters plus to come out and resolve the issue.

A water heater with semi- annual maintenance (from flushing properly) can last easily 10-15 years.

The water heater’s life depends on multiple factors too one being location of where its at outside/garage/indoors etc. Use such as how often the unit is being used/the demand and output for it. Quality built heaters are key as sometimes the cheaper heaters may not be the longest lasting and can be beneficial to spend a few extra bucks for something with higher quality.

It is very important to do semi annual maintenance on your water heater.

Simply draining the heater every 6-8 months could gain another 2 years in longevity to the water heaters lifespan. Draining it down is done by connecting a drain hose to the drain port ensuring all power/gases are off and flushing out the heater until it is empty. Reversing the cycle of draining it to fill it back up to for future use.

The cost on a changeout of a residential water heater has factors such as type/location/size and the price with the purchase of the heater can range from $1000-$3000.

Pricing on commercial water heaters are best estimated onsite because of the configuration of pre-existing plumbing/piping to that water heater and labor predicted to be involved in replacement.

The first and foremost step involved in the changeout of a water heater is determining the type of water heater. Is it an Electrical, Liquid Propane, Solar or Natural Gas?
Secondly Once the operating type is identified turning off the power source is required. If electrical (turn off the breaker specified for the water heater) Natural gas turn off the gas ball valve that should be readily accessible and the same for Liquid Propane ensuring all ignition forms are off.
Thirdly be aware of the water lines entering into the heater and exiting noting which one is cold and hot.
Lastly connect a drain hose to the drain port on the heater and open to begin the drain down keeping all water off to the home at the main shut-off

Replacing a water heater depends on a few factors.

First being the type of heater Electric/LP Gas/Natural gas.

Second is where the heaters are located. Given the location it could be easier if accessible vs. longer being non accessible like on a third floor or in a tight area for changeout.

On average for  the basic readily available water heater change out lasts 2-4 hours. Old one out and new one in tested and in operation.

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State Select
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